About Inspirit Leather Designs

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Hi, my name is Vanessa and I am the owner and designer behind Inspirit Leather Designs. I am originally from Quebec, Canada. I have always been attracted to anything nature and animal related. I studied to be an animal health technician and went on to study adventure tourism later on. Since I always loved horses, I trained to become a horseback riding guide, my dream job at the time.

After working on a ranch a couple summers, I decided to learn English and explore our country! I had always heard about how great the "west" was so my love for travelling brought me to Alberta. In the following spring I met my husband and I decided to start a life here with him; best decision ever!

We have been together for 8 years and we have recently established our family in Saskatoon! We have 3 beautiful children (2 boys and a little girl). They are my reason why I want to pursue entrepreneurship and live a life of significance.

How did Inspirit Leather Designs start?

After feeling overwhelmed with motherhood, I decided to start handcrafting leather jewelry and accessories for women who love boho chic fashion and want to reconnect with themselves by fostering self-care and increasing confidence. I strongly believe every woman has the power to make a great impact if she is connected to her Self and lets her personality shine…Because we are all amazing! Being on my own path of discovery and growth, I am passionate about helping other women find small ways to become who they truly want to be. By becoming more mindful and by reconnecting with nature, everyone can find what works for them and start their journey to calm, happiness and prosperity.

Why Inspirit Leather Designs?

The word "Inspirit" came to me when I was thinking about the impact I wanted to make with my company. I want to empower women. I want to inspire women to become who they truly want to become and make their personality shine!

Let's be honest, everyone is busy now days and we all want to save time to do productive activities. With my accessories, I want to offer a solution to increase confidence and foster self-care in an easy and fashionable way. I want to make it easy for every women to feel great about themselves and show their unique and beautiful personality, because we all deserve it!