About Our Products

All our products are made with vegetable tanned leather in its most natural state, as shown in the picture below. We hand cut, design, tool, dye, paint and finish all our items here! We occasionally use a pyrography technique (burning) on some of our designs as well.

We like to make different styles so you can find what feels like you and let your personality shine!

Vegetable Tanned Leather Used to Make Quality Accessories
Tools used at Inspirit Leather Designs to make vegetable tanned leather accessories.

Why Vegetable Tanned Leather and not faux leather or chrome tanned leather?

1. Faux leather is a high processed material made of plastic. Even though it doesn’t come from animals, the damages of plastic productions on our environment are significant, like any other plastic material (the process of production and its inability to decompose once thrown away).

2. Vegetable tanned leather is sustainable and the most environmentally friendly. No harsh chemicals are used to tan the hide; only components from plants are used in the process. It is also decomposable.

3. Because the cow hide comes in its most natural state, the variety of customization you can do with this leather is unlimited! Starting from the shape cut to the tooling and pyrography, to the colors and finishes.

4. Vegetable tanned leather is strong and durable. If it is taken care of adequately, it can last many generations.

5. Because it is all natural, the leather will slowly change over time. The colors will darken (patina) and the leather will become more flexible. In other words, the products become more beautiful and enjoyable to use!

Creation Process at Inspirit Leather Designs. Handcrafted vegetable tanned leather accessories.
Leather stamping at Inspirit Leather Designs. Handcrafted vegetable tanned leather accessories/